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Video: Stephen Outram describes how we are losing money without realizing it and looks at some possibilities with gold and silver.

Hello, my name is Stephen Outram and I'm the founder of Making Money with Change

In this special offer, I'd like you to have a teleclass called 'Making Money with Gold Silver & Precious Metals.' It's a great class with over 190 people on the line. In fact, the telephone system we used was limited to 200 and I found out later that some people couldn't get on the call. Oops!

In the class I wanted to explore the question, "Do we really know what money is?" which leads on to possibilities with gold and silver. In these question-based classes I follow the energy, which means to address the questions and energies that come-up with the people on the call. There is no rehearsal, speech or planning; the class is totally free-form and created in the moment by participants and facilitator.

The video clip above is from a class I presented in New Zealand. It offers an insight into what money really is and, I hope, invites you to consider a different possibility.

I hope you enjoy the free audio class and that empowers you to create the changes you require to have a greater ease with money and lots more money in your life.

Warm Regards,

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